Thursday, May 2, 2013

may 1st 2013 bendix/tran cover problem

spring and sun is here - so fly 150 is out in sun.
torques from list in my owners manual

drive pulley nut (front) 75+83  55-61 foot lbs average 58 lbs
driven pulley shaft nut (rear)  54+60  40-44 foot lbs average 42 lbs 
clutch unit nut on driven pulley 45+50  33-36 foot pounds  average  35lbs

first i have to remove bendix unit to clean - already have correct tools and  tran cover off - looked at scooter girl video and see that i have to remove the holding nut and then pry loose the odd shaped washer - then slide off the saucer sized plate with begins the to follow...will have to keep this log updated for my own reference
first major thing learned, make sure thin washer which was nearest to engine goes back in correct place and does not get squashed out of shape when tightening with torque wrench - mine did and the photo below tells the story of how the metal got squashed and wedged into the nut grooves and thus prevents it coming off easily - so far have tried 2 prong puller from Ace which does not seem to do any good. Will have to take more photos when parts get here from scooterwest - and then ask jim on moderndvespa site what other advise he has to solve beginning of this problem.  no matter how careful you are - shit happens.
look at 4 o'clock area and see how washer was ground into splines.

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