Sunday, September 12, 2010

Piaggio FLY 150 Service

I am just cleaning out the flood mess from hurricane here in Brigantine, NJ.

would not start - flood water went up about four inches and got into exhaust/muffler and spat it out when i turned it over.
Battery is new and fully charged but now just whirring sound bendix needs fixing - - it did run for few seconds using quick start can direct into carb with air filter off. that got rid of all water in exhaust muffler. Now have to remove variator/clutch cover etc...looked at scooter girl video couple of times. she makes it look easy because she has already removed the panels...but is the best help around - and that is a problem with screws stripping on fly 150. I have made a list of all tools required and have just orded them from scooter west and amazon. The tools list is probably the most important to start and fill..will go from there in a week or so when all arrives. lots of good help on vespa forum...esp her video....and all winter to do it right.
here is my list of tools etc for removing variator cover etc and getting to bendix and rollers belt etc.
the correct tools are a must to get beforehand.
1.  torque wrench  20-100 ft lbs  3/8ths the torque on vario nut is 75-83nm = 56-62t lbs
     torque on clutch = 46nm  =  40-42ft lbs   nm means newton metres.
     75nm = 55 ft lbs   83nm = 61 ft lbs
2.   19mm socket  /  18mm socket   /  8mm socket
3.   6 inch wrench socket extension 3/8ths
4.   clutch holder tool from scooter west
5.   variator holder tool from scooter west
6.   diagonal cutting pliers
7.   6 inch philips screwdriver - high quality check fit - don't strip screws holding panels etc.
8. lithium grease
9. loctite medium
10.   2inch needle nose pliers
11.   4inch needle nose pliers
12.   4 inch flat head thin screwdriver

now what to do with those tools.
scooter girl video makes it look easy because she has already removed the panels. so that's your first job - remove panels to gain access to air filter and ease of removing variator cover bolts etc.

I created this blog to seperate my riding experience blog

From these boring service notes, I will add photos and other info as I find it or experience and find a solution to any problem.

1. Never fill gas tank more than 3/4 - it will cause vapor lock or overflow into carb. Solve this problem by disconnecting the evap hose as explained in link below...and replace with small hose and self-made filter as shown. Buy a 2 gallon gas can and fill it yourself - saves all worries...but don't trust the fuel gauge to reset correctly everytime...always double check with a small 6 inch dipstick into filler hole...avoiding an overfill is a must. Always park on a flat surface; a tip-over is a disaster you can easily avoid - unless drunk.
After reading all the posts by Vespa owners during the past 6 months on the subject of the EVAP HOSE; I have come to the conclusion that there is no need to do anything more than just pull off the evap hose from the carb and let it hang down the outside of the scooter. It is OK to put a smalll filter on the carb to prevent any foreign material from entering...BUT it should be noted that Piaggio uses that same carb on all their LX150 scooters worldwide - and they ship them with that hole open with no evap hose or any kind of filter. It is only the USA that gets the EVAP system because of California emmision laws. So, just pull of the hose - and don't worry about the whole mess. For more info click below:
This link has complete explanation of evap system solutions along with photos.
Also look at photo below. The simple uncomplicated method: I just cut off evap hose about 4 inches from carb and then used a wire twist to hold a piece of filter material on the hose. The rest of the evap hose from gas tank just slides down and hangs taped to left lower side of scooter.
This shows top view of carb and carb fittings under pet seat cover . "pet seat" storage is so called because there is a factory sticker in the storage compartment under the seat that says "NO PETS" :-)
Note the blue home-made evap hose filter in the next photo

The following two photos show (1) the evap hose fitting with hose removed and home made blue filter attached to small portion of the hose(2) the evap hose on the fitting

Checking the air filter takes two hours patient time until you become
experienced. Make sure you have medium head good long Philips screwdriver, needlenose pliers, and magnet to pull out screws - magnetized screwdriver helps. After removing a couple of small panels and removing screws - the air filter casing slips out downward with a little wiggling and pulling. Replacing takes sliding in and out several times...just takes time but works.
Engine system cleaner. Most people suggest SeaFoam - I am trying GUMOUT-REGANE because my local ACE store does not carry SeaFoam. One ounce per one gallon of gas every 200 miles...most reviews give GUMOUT REGANE good results...don't overuse.
Check oil levels each week - engine, hub, brake.
Check tire pressure every week - 25lbs front - 29lbs rear - makes steering easier.
Click below to get videos from "scootergirl" showing service etc on LX150 which has same engine as Fly150 or go to youtube and search for scootergirl Vespa videos.
notes; removing front tire - keep wheel on ground to loosen nuts - prop up front - scooter front is really light - put scooter on center stand - lift up on handlebar - kick prop up bucket under.